giovedì 16 luglio 2009

yip jannings @ 1:00 pm slt

Yip è una cantante olandese che si è laureata alla Rotterdam School of Arts nel 1999. Si è esibita in real life performances in Olanda, Belgio, France, Italia ed anche nelle Antille olandesi e nei Caraibi .

E' la voce solista di una Funk & Soul band.

In Second-Life canta una varietà di generi incluso Funk&Soul, Disco-music o romantiche ballate accompagnate da musica di sottofondo suonata rigorosamente live.

This Dutch singer graduated from the Rotterdam School of Arts in 1999. Her experience include real life performances in such places as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy as well as on the Dutch Antilles in the Carribean.

She is the lead singer of a Funk & Soul band. As well as these live performances with her band she also sings at Weddings and other such small parties and gatherings accompanied by a pianoplayer. She is a true fan (and participant) of Soul&Funk Music which you will discover when you hear her voice.

In Second-Life she performs from a variety of genres including. She does a set of Funk&Soul, Disco tunes or a set of soft soulful&beautiful Ballad Music. Her performances are accompanied by the use of high quality background music that she sings live to. So all you music lovers come over and try your newest dance moves on the grooves of Yip!

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